A complicated name for something that can actually make your life easier.
A virtual trailing stop order (VTSO) (for a sell order) is a trigger selling price that adjusts itself according to the price movement of a security. In other words, it says to your stock trading platform: “sell at market price if security XYZ falls by more than $Y from the highest price it reached since the order was entered”.



The main advantage of VTSOs is that they allow an investor to free himself from having to continuously watch a stock price in order to protect part of their gains if the security they own appreciates in value (or rises, increases, etc) , but then retreats. (more…)

Investing Tips to Make for a Better Investor


The best investors in the world all follow similar principles to get to where they are now. It may seem that they are all different, but they have all actually just embraced commonsense principles that just about anyone could use in order to make their own wealth. Knowing what a few of these things are can help anyone to start to invest better today. (more…)

The Advantages of a Stock Investment Newsletter


stock investing newsletter

A stock investment newsletter can keep you ahead of the average investor. A good publication from a knowledgeable source can give you the insight you need to make trading much more profitable. This is because a lot of the important research has already been done for you and is available for you to sort out.

Unless you are a full time trader, it can be difficult to keep up with everything that is going on in the market. There is more to trading than just prices; there are fundamentals. Fundamentals drive the market, and a good trader needs to know them to be profitable. (more…)

Great Stock Trading Strategy?


How do you make money in the stock market? Simple. Buy low and sell high. Well, that stock trading strategy works great if you happen to get into a rising market, it probably won’t work in a choppy market and definitely won’t work in a declining market. Here are a few strategies that you might want to explore. (more…)

Stock Trading Tips for Great ROI


Trading in the stock market can be overwhelming at first if you are not aware of what it entails. There are certain strategies that you want to look at in order to recognize the most profit for your investment. Making sure that you incorporate all of the stock trading tips available to you into your market initiatives will ensure a great Return on Investment percentage. (more…)

Stock Investment Advice from the Greatest Investors


Warren Buffett

If you are just beginning your foray into the world of the stock market, then you have probably heard many different opinions regarding stock investment advice or learn more about Stock Market Quotes . This isn’t a bad thing; ultimately, you should listen to many different philosophies and decide which one makes the most sense to you. (more…)

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